Trusted Quality for The Best Future

LEIBEL™ Leicht Beton Elemen produced by PT. Beton Elemen Persada present to be the number one solution to the needs of qualified lightweight concrete brick in Indonesia.

LEIBEL™ Lightweight concrete brick is the first product of a series of LEIBEL™ products. LEIBEL™ Lightweight concrete brick is the answer to the high level of consumer demand for lightweight concrete brick, as well as the lack of lightweight concrete brick manufacturer producing qualified in Indonesia.

LEIBEL™ lightweight concrete brick is not usual lightweight brick. LEIBEL™ Lightweight concrete brickis is Autoclave Aerated Concrete Block with best quality in Indonesia. And with full support of partner concrete that has been very reliable, PT. BetonElemenPersada believe  and optimistic to answer solutions quality lightweight brick needs in Indonesia.



To be number one company of lightweight concrete brick manufacturer  in Indonesia in 2018.


  • Consumer satisfaction of the products according to agreed schedule and presenting on-time delivery warranty until front of the consumer.
  • Improve quality product by following the development of existing technology, control of raw materials and an increase in human resources in order to achieve customer satisfaction.


* LEIBEL™ is the abbreviation of LeichtBetonElemen (in German), meaning Lightweight Concrete Elements.