Light Brick Method

Direction For Use

Enough 5 step, so you could use the time more efficient.

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  • 1. Pull the stringline

    To make the Leibel™ lightweight concrete brick arrangement can be aligned, use the string as a guide. Pull the stringline to be straight from the starting point to the desired point.

  • 2. Enter the cement mortar

    Enter the cement mortar, then put LEIBEL™ Lightweight concrete brick aligned with the position of the stringline.

  • 3. Check the flatness of concrete brick

    Check the flatness of concrete brick, both horizontally and vertically using the water pass.

  • 4. Clean the surface of the concrete brick

    Clean the surface of the LEIBEL™ Lightweight concrete brick from dust and dirt with a brush (so that cement can be attached more perfect).

  • 5. Make sure the concrete brick has been installed neatly

    If LEIBEL™ Lightweight concrete brick neatly arranged according to the stringline, repeat from the first step.