Leibel (PT. Beton Elemen Persada) Peduli Tukang Goes To Cipongkor

Leibel (PT. Beton Elemen Persada) Peduli Tukang Goes To Cipongkor

PT. BETON ELEMEN PERSADA (LEIBEL) again held a Coaching and training program for artisans in West Bandung Regency, Cipongkor District on October 25, 2018 and was attended by approximately 30 participants.

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The artisans from the Cipongkor area were very enthusiastic in listening to and following the presentations given by LEIBEL, from light bricks which very quickly could glue one another using thinbed leibel, to the correct procedures for doing building construction work. All presentation materials in the Cipongkor sub-district were delivered by Mr. Joko as LEIBEL’s Erection & Engineering manager, then assisted by the applicator team represented by Mr. Ahmad and Mr Mahmud.


The Applicator team explained to the participants how easy it was to apply mortar or instant cement in a correct and effective way, then after that it was followed by a question and answer session between the participants and the resource persons so as to satisfy the participants’ curiosity.


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The whole series of events starting from noon until the afternoon at 15.00 runs smoothly and without constraints. All participants are expected to have received enough information from what has been delivered and hopefully it will be useful for the participants who care about the shoppers.



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