bataLEIBEL Lightweight Brick is light brick AAC (Autoclave Aerated Concrete) made from quality raw materials such as cement, silica sand, fuel lime, gypsum and aluminum paste. The products produce material for walls weighing only one-third of the walls using red bricks, but have more than twice the compressive strength compared to red bricks […]





panelLEIBEL lightweight floor panels are the best solution to build houses, shop houses, factories, hotels and other buildings by reducing costs and time.

LEIBEL lightweight floor panels are designed using wiremesh reinforcement and are protected by stainless steel. The panel can be placed on concrete or steel beams. Unlike conventional casting, in general LEIBEL lightweight floor panels do not need to wait for the curing process, because the panel has gone through a curing process at the factory […]




10Leibel Wall Panels are lightweight concrete made from high quality raw materials, manufactured with German technology.
Leibel Wall Panels produced by PT. Concrete Element Persada. Providing significant benefits for the use of internal and external walls compared to ordinary walls […]
















Dry Mortar LEiBEL adalah semen instan siap pakai berkualitas tinggi yang diciptakan untuk mempermudah pekerjaan bangunan, cukup dicampur air saja untuk menghasilkan adukan yang homogen[…]